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Li Biao agitate the audience in National Grand Theatre

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The concert was named as Song of rhythm---by Li Biao and his friends. Their foreign friends are from present popular percussion group named Power! Percussion. They have long-time co-performance experience and friendship with Li Biao. His Chinese friends are a group of youth, who are also students of Li Biao. Over ten performers and dozens of percussion instruments made the sacred National Grand Theatre full of energy. 

The first chapter inspiration decided the fundamental key by fashionable rhythm produced by percussion instruments of symphonic orchestra. Deep Stream is originally a percussion duet work written by Li Biao’s friend Philip, but is amended to a Percussion instrumental ensemble under Li Biao’s suggestions. Li Biao played out the sound of steam masterly while the string instruments producing fluent sound. Drum in the drum is Li Biao’s solo, which is inspired by Guo Wenjing’s drum. In this work, Li Biao attempted to combine ethnic instruments such as gong, Qing and modern rhythm together. Dance of Mamdera is composed by Indian dancing musical factor and western harmonic orchestration. While performing, Li Biao played the solo on a side drum with four bandsmen accompanying him.  

As soon as the second half of the performance began, the audience could not restrain their aroused passion any more and began to involve in the music. Some of them beat to the music, some of them actively responded to the questions on the stage. The last chapter called Soar is a work imitating the sound of the takeoff helicopter written by American composer Broucek.

Li Biao 
told the audience:” I would like to dedicate this melody to National Grand Theater and my country.” In the passionate climax with music and drumbeats, all the audience waved and cheered exultantly, changing  the music hall to be jubilant sea.