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Li Biao: Never Give Up Finding Language

Source:The First NewsRelease time:2015-01-09Views:
He was called the music magician.
As one of the few full-time percussion soloists on the world music stage, Li Biao is regarded as one of the most excellent percussionists of the time for his savvy for percussion and special style. Munich Daily observed that he “transformed the music into legend.” Austria Daily commended that his performance is incredibly excellent. His passion permeates the music hall and he draws an emotional painting with music.
Last night was a very unusual one for the audience who came to National Grand Theater. In this music palace hall where people used to walk silently, on that day thundery sounds frequently burst out. Thousands of audience stamped their feet with rhythm and beat time to the music. One man stood on the stage with drums, cymbals, gong, marimbas and instruments which most of the people have never seen, and the audience slightly closed their eyes, and waved hands. They were lead to the climax of the music. Hi is the Li Biao.
As the first Chinese percussionist who obtained awards in national percussion matches, Li Biao and his over 200 percussion instruments from all over the world are mysterious for you, yet conveying a feeling of being sincere and close . In the percussion world, sound is everything.