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Whirly drumbeat and Compact gong

Source:Wolfsburg TimesRelease time:2015-01-09Views:
The audience were holding their breath when they were listening to the beautiful music chapter. On the Concert Hall stage, they only see the dancing drumsticks, a pair of powerful and dynamic hands moving rapidly among large-scale marimbas.  
Li Biao from China, a talented young percussion soloist wearing a silk shirt, was impactings the audience’s hearts with his perfect technique.
When music began, he concentrated on listening to the acoustic effects of instruments.  With a heavy and passionate hit, he began a series of hits with fast rhythm. Coordinating with compact gong sounds, he produced colorful and vivid music pictures in the audience’s minds. He used wooden and metal instruments to create roaring or sharp sound effects. Finally, Li Biao integrated all the music elements with chorus of Marimba.
Journalist: Angelika Kannenbeng