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From soft flurry to strong storm

Source:Wolfsburg DailyRelease time:2015-01-09Views:
In the night of music, percussion soloist Li Biao played Cang Cai, a percussion concerto written by Tang Jian Ping. With his unparalleled technique, Li Biao proved that he fully deserved the title of the best percussionist in Asia In the first part of the work, his diverse rhythm and speed surprised the audiences, while in the second part, the addition of gong bestowed the fantasy and softness on the work. Li Biao’s capacity to control Celesta was displayed in the third part, astonishing all the audiences. His virtuosity and exquisiteness were fully embodied. As the end of the musical composition, the work came back to percussion concerto played by tambourines and cymbals. Under the command of Tan Lihua, Li Biao’s solo was complemented by the accompaniment of the Beijing Symphony Orchestra.
Li Biao performed a marimba melody extra.
Journalist: Hien Gehts Zuruck