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“Gateway to Music 2008 Summer Festival” - Bejing Daily

Source:Beijing DailyRelease time:2015-01-09Views:
The “gateway to music 2008 summer festival” is very popular (with the people). According to the host, tickets had been sold out even ten days before the festival officially started.

Especially, the “enter the percussion’s world—children’s percussion musical summer camp”, first launched by Zhongshan music hall and performed by Li Biao percussion group, is very hot indeed. The condition of tickets-selling is that its supply overpasses the demand, reflecting the popularity of the percussion.

Informed of the news, Li Biao, who has long experience in percussion performance and education, feels very gratified. He thinks that learning percussion is especially beneficial for children, who can not only develop interest and taste in music, recognition of rhythm, but also improve their own ability of imagination, teamwork spirits and enhance the body flexibility and coordination.
Journalist: Li Hongyan