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Li Biao Bing Shock Wave in Chong Qing

Source:Chong Qing TimesRelease time:2015-01-09Views:
Last night, the famous percussionist Li Biao performed a passionate concert “Li Biao 2005 Percussion Night” in Chong Qing municipal auditorium, which brought a shock wave. During the performance, Li Biao played African Drum with the band, revealing tenderness and enthusiasm. Marimbas, drums and gongs were endowed with spirits and vitality by Li Biao, which impressed the audience and even the old were swaying their bodies to the rhythm.
Last night, the cooperation between Li Biao and the Band were perfect. The audience was thrilled by Li Biao’s vigorousness and perfect technique. That night, Li Biao was the deserved star.

Journalist: Niu Ke