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From Passion to Calm - Munich Galaxy

Source:Munich GalaxyRelease time:2010-01-28Views:
No doubt, Li Biao’s percussion played a dominant position in the work
Inspired by the Beijing opera, accompanied by other Percussionists. Tang Jianping added an ensemble of string music and fanfare in the end of the chapter.  Li Biao performed a passionate chapter with his exquisite drumbeats. In the second chapter, Large passages of bamboo flute solo accompanying soft gong sound and ringing dubbing intoxicated the audience.
In the third chapter, the audience fully enjoyed Li Biao’s timbre and rhythm of marimbas.
At last, the whole band devoted themselves into playing the percussion which led the audience towards the climax.
The music style of Li Biao Group was very direct. The Hungarian Dances of Brahms. Shocked the whole music hall. Li Biao used a gloomy Marimba melody in memory of his departed friend Munich musician Edgar Guggeis. At last, the visit performance from Beijing friends obtained huge success and warm applause.