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Colorful Rhythm--Li Biao Youth Percussion Group Concert

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    Li Biao Youth Percussion Group (the 2nd team of Li Biao Percussion Group) was founded based on "Li Biao Percussion Group" in 2005 by Prof.Li Biao. The group set up with young percussion artists graduated from Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. Their skills and passion for music, expressive and lively performance make it become the popular top percussion group in China.   

   In past a few years, Li Biao Youth Percussion Group was active in domestic important music activities. In order to let more domestic audience know and enjoy percussion music----the antiquity and young music performance art. Li Biao Youth Percussion Group held a series of universal education of percussion music every year, such as summer camp, master class, lecture concert etc. In particular is the successive percussion camp in every July and August. Students there can get varied curriculum and enjoy relaxed and happy teaching methods. They make local percussion upsurge in everywhere they gone. The most impressive is gave performance in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games at the closing ceremony under Prof. Li Biao's leading.

   From 2007, the group cooperates with Mercedes-Benz and other international brands for commercial performance.
Li Biao Youth Percussion Group is warmly welcome with their proficiency and vigor. We hope there will be more people enjoy percussion music under their passion rhythm.
Editor:Tan Jing